We want to work with you, try it out for free first

We're confident that there will be value and benefit to your organisation but want you to see for yourself.

The option to use the paid service can be seen in our store. Discounts are available when buying in bulk.

How the free trial works

Create an account

An account is set up for you with a set of free tokens to be able to submit cases. The mobile app can be installed from Google Play or the App Store. Each account has a dashboard to show details of cases and analytics showing changes to ratings before and after the changing conditions conversion is applied

Customising measurement

The app can be set with personalised ratings about what the organisation would like to measure. This may be rating stress, tension, impeded progress or other options.

Using tokens

A number of free tokens are assigned to the organisation to use. The tokens can be then assigned to a staff member who will receive an email link to them.


At the end of the trial the details of the cases are summarised on the dashboard.
People involved in submitting cases will be able to reveal anecdotal changes that may have occurred over the trial period.
The organisation can continue use the service by purchasing tokens