Our aim is for beneficial and positive change
Our focus is "People Getting Along" and to "People Regularly Experiencing Flow"

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Why use it

We can get involved when you need things to change, perhaps its rising tension or toxic drama, people aren’t getting along, delays or progress is slowed, perhaps a new approach is needed.

We use a simple approach

Our service is based around the idea that with the right conditions, challenging situations can change. Leaving the organisation with more time, energy and momentum to get on with it. When bogged down with dysfunction in business, workplaces or relationships the potential is there to suck the life out of any organisation.

We use our techniques to influence the non-visible. People with conflict carry it with them, they talk about it, stew over it when driving, it keeps them up at night. All this is non visible but powerful enough to hold their focus. We tap into this by what is told to us through cases submitted with the mobile app.





For this service to work well only a few people need to get involved. People who are gateways to the network. Those people are the ones who know the value of reducing levels of conflict and tension in an organisation. The people who recognise that small changes can have a powerful impact.

Change - something you can now buy

Why Try
The future will keep chipping away at the established models
A constantly changing level of certainty will be the new norm within organisations
The challenge is
pressure to adapt will be constant and ongoing
The investment is
an unknown amount of time effort and energy will be needed to influence people to change
The benefit is
improvements in performance will naturally occur when dysfunction reduces. People are less distracted by toxic drama and conflict
The option on offer is
a way to harness the power to work together, to collaborate successfully

When to use

Influencing the dynamics of groups

where there are many perspectives in a group and the cooperation necessary to move ahead is restricted

Where people are in conflict

escalating drama and tension between people and groups is having negative flow on effects

Where negotiation has broken down

where there is a conflict about how to proceed when people have views that are opposed to each other and progress is slowed

Where effort is not reaping expected rewards

where the expected outcome is not being achieved regardless of the amount of money, time and effort being invested


How you can benefit

Manage better

A shorter path to the destination.
When there is a tendency for things such as people's behaviour to go off track

Less waiting, less downtime

An observer of conflict can use the service. Their view is just as useful as the views of the people directly involved in toxic conflict. They can act by submitting a case when they see the need

Avoid bogged down

The service has influence on the non visible, the mysterious world that motivates people and shapes behaviour.
You can keep progressing even when people are stuck in their ways

Change power dynamics

Tell us the stories of invisible powerful barriers restricting change in your organisation.
Submit cases and watch as they lose their strength

What can happen

The Unexpected

Unexpected positive changes in people involved in a situation including their behaviour and view on the matter changing

Fast Acting

People experience a rapid discovery of new solutions to the problems they are facing

Creative Solutions

A new wave of thought that seemingly appear for people, they can have “ah-ha” moments where they get new insights about how to address their situation

The inner workings of
Changing Conditions

There is a great reservoir of human potential waiting to be explored. Our service taps into what we believe is a human's greatest free and under utilised resource.

When a person describes a situation, we collect that, use a conversion technique about what was said. The result - that story now turns into something different, it changes a little bit or a lot.

Simply put - describe, collect, convert, change of story, change is small or big.


Using the obvious - people's stories

Each person is a big bundle of different stories. These bundles define who they are. Everything they believe, think about, have experienced, have as memories, complain about, fight with others about and cling onto is the combined resource.

When they describe this in a conversation, it's valuable and a resource, with a little help can be converted to create change.

Our conversion techniques collect what people say, with the end game being to move a situation in the direction of change and harmony.

The multitudes of stories that make up an organisation can be used to address such difficult issues of conflict, cultural toxicity and people resisting change.


The Power of People's Truth

When people talk they are speaking their truth. That truth is 100% accurate to them and is a powerful force in their life.

We take what people say process it through conversion techniques (similar to a software script but for the organic not the digital) and then observe what happens. A person's truth is the prime mover to initiate change.

This truth can be used as a powerful short cut that we hope involves less money, time and effort being wasted on the kinds of difficulties that organisations face.

These are some key considerations that were key to developing this service and presenting it to potential corporate customers.


All stories are a valuable and free resource

​​The quality of the communication with people involved in the conflict improves. People are more respectful or better behaved when talking to each other

Your stories can be turned into a different form

​​Time and distance are not barriers to change occurring

People observing a situation as a 3rd party can have just as much influence with their input as the people involved in the conflict/drama

Harmony is the ideal state to reach in any endeavour

We aim to leave the smallest foot print but initiate the biggest impact where a lack of harmony exists